BOOKING FAQ + General Conditions

I am not feeling 100%, surely it will still be okay for me to come in for a quick coffee ya?

Please do stay home :) As per government regulation, any shop have the right to refuse customer who is unwell! Let us look after one another, your coffee will always be here for you when you are back 100%!


Can I reschedule? Cancel a booking?

Yes! We would appreciate 24-hour reschedule/cancellation notice before your booking time! However if you or your guests are not feeling 100%, please let us know as soon as you can via email for a cancelation.


Why make it complicated with the online booking just for coffee?

Even with the 2 sqm and 1.5m distancing rules, our space has become extremely small even with the current relaxation of restrictions. Majority of our guests travel especially for a cup of coffee at Light, therefore during this regulated season we have blocked out some SPOTs for just online booking system avoids disappointment for our long time supporters.


Additionally, the online booking system helps us keep the records of customers attended as per the current QLD regulations. 


Why $1 booking?

It helps a tiny tiny bit to recoup costs for the booking system and the additional cleaning products, equipment and procedures for the new implemented guidelines during this season.


Are you accepting walk ins?

Yes! We are accepting walk-ins dine ins. We do kindly ask you to fill in an online form to capture full name, phone number, and address for all attendee. 


What if I am late? Do I need to arrive on the dot, and leave on the dot?

Please feel free to arrive and finish anytime during your booking slot, keeping in mind the 50min slot as we do kindly request the seats back at the end of your booking slot (as we would require 10 minutes to clear, sanitise and prepare for the next booking :) - You are most welcome to stay longer when no pre-booking is filled after your slot. 


Do I have to pre-order coffee?

If you would like to pre-order your coffee for your dining ins, please type them in the space provided, we will prepare and make them upon your arrival! Or you are more than welcome to order upon arrival.


What about my dog?

We love dogs!!! However due to the current strict regulations imposed by the government, sadly pets are kindly declined entrance inside the shop area. But please let us know in advance the additional note section if you are bringing your pet! If we are able, will do our best to set up an outside area especially you and your pal!

Cancelations & Additional notes

- To cancel or reschedule, please contact us at with your name, date and booking time slot as soon as you can.

- Light Coffee may be required to cancel or decline bookings and or make changes to existing schedules.  Upon such occasion one (1) notification email will be sent to the primary guest of booking

- 1.5 meter distancing observed

- If you are unwell, please do not enter shop premises

- Please follow the floor markings, and not move seats from their designated positions

- Currently CASHLESS pay - Payment via CARD ONLY

- Currently only serving in disposable cups and dine-in ceramic cups (BYO keep cups unfortunately not available)