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Shop 2A/ 89 Lytton Road, East Brisbane

UPDATED ON 9th of August 2021

Dearest friends,

Physical shop front will be back with TAKEAWAY COFFEE ONLY for the next two weeks (till 22nd August for the time being we have removed our corridor sitting area to allow for maximum social distancing in the order / waiting area...


- Wear a mask when entering into the shop~ Please refrain from removing mask and drinking your takeaway coffee until learning the shop front


- Stay at home if you are not feeling 100% well even if it is just for a quick beans pop in!

Check in via Queensland Check in App for dine in AND takeaway, and please show staff the checked in confirmation screen 


- Sanitise hands upon entry and before handling retail goods

- Social distance 1.5 meters apart and kindly wait outside at the door if the corridor is occupied

Our priority continues to be for the health and safety of our community, you might find us a bit rigid + uncompromising to the social distancing & regulations imposed by the government~ ~ THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR SUPPORT