Dearest friends,

We hope to see you all with bright smiles and brews to share!

Our priority continues to be for the health and safety of our community, you might find us a bit rigid + uncompromising to the social distancing regulations imposed by the government~


Walk-ins are most welcomed! However please kindly note due to the small size of our shop, the current social distance regulations means our shop will only allow for 3-4 sitting areas referred to as SPOTS - each spot accommodates 1-3 people.  

We have blocked out one sitting SPOT for online booking per time slot, please read though our FAQ + Terms before booking ~Thank you so much~

If you are meeting with many friends outside of your household, we would kindly suggest takeaway to the new public outdoor sitting directly in front of our shop front on Lytton Road, or a 3 minute walk to the park beside the Brisbane River!



Friday & Saturday 7am - 1pm


Sunday Afternoon: Dedicated to Filter Ticketed Events

returning at a later date

Shop 2A/ 89 Lytton Road, East Brisbane

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Shop 2A/ 89 Lytton Road, East Brisbane

Friday & Saturday 7am - 1pm

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