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Light coffee being a true essence small batch roaster, currently roasting with a Probat p12 with a single focus on roasting single-origin coffee beans. 

We care about people, coffee, and the future of Earth which we call our home at breath.

Quality is core, from the selection of high-grade green beans that are ethically sourced, farms with sustainable processing methods, in season and where possible continue to purchase coffee from the same producers season after season.

Relentlessly pursuing ways to amplify the distinct aromas and flavours of the farmers' efforts, their land, the season, and variety. We may seem obsessed and overly meticulous to some: from the selection of the bean to the packaging cards, we are aiming for continual improvement and enjoying the journey of pursuing quality through ongoing learning from our expanding local community and international network of coffee professionals. 

We will always be wearing our hearts on our sleeves to provide hands-on quality roasts to coffee lovers and dedicated coffee professionals and believe our values will translate into the cup... clean, sweet, delicate and full of heart.

Thank you so much for taking this journey with us.

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