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Why us? Why order coffee beans and coffee utensils from us?


Because we really care


        Founded in 2000, the company specializes in high-quality Specialty Coffee coffee beans for more than ten years. It has invested heavily in the establishment of the Nangang Professional Baking Factory, using the top American hand-made San Franciscan 12kg roaster. It is the first in the domestic industry to introduce the US-made "Agtron Near Infrared Caramelization Spectrometer" for baking quality control. We are a Fellow of the American Fine Coffee Association (SCAA) and a Lifetime Pioneer Member of the Cup of Excellence® (CoE).

       In 2013, Mr. Chen Zhihuang, the founder of the coffee shop, went to the Nordic competition and returned to the Nordic Cup coffee baking competition (Espresso group champion and cross-group champion). He was the first winner in the Nordic countries, Fika. Fika cafe also came into being in the same year. "Fika" means "drinking coffee together" in Swedish. We hope that every customer who enters the store can enjoy the Nordic-style visual, smell and taste feast, just like our store name, once "Fika" No, I can't help but want to get more "Fika Fika" a few times.

Yes, we really care. We care about every customer, every drop of coffee sold, every coffee bean. Nowadays, "Fika Fika Cafe Online Store" is more than expected to share such a wonderful experience with every customer who likes us. I hope that you can enjoy the good time of "Fika Fika" with us in any corner of the world. .



Because we pay great attention to quality and detail, including:


The quality of raw beans: carefully selected, layered, each bean has been tested by our repeated cups, carefully selected products that we believe are quality and distinctive.

Storage quality: The Nangang factory has two dedicated coffee-refrigerators, six-degree C-aluminum foil bags for storing green beans, and the same level of fresh food!

Baking quality: Our most proud project, the fine coffee roasting is easy, from shallow baking to deep baking, there are completely different baking environments and technologies. We use custom-made modified German and American roasting machines, combined with fine baking theory innovation, technical advancement and quality control, you will know our intentions when you drink.

Package delivery quality: always use opaque aluminum foil bag, and equipped with imported button type (costly but best) one-way exhaust valve

Service quality: the provision of pre-sales information, assistance from the brewing to the knowledge of coffee beans, to the after-sales customer satisfaction tracking, the pursuit of 100% customer satisfaction guarantee!



Because we only recommend good things


       All the coffee products we sell here have been purchased and used by ourselves. It really feels that it is easy to use, worthy, and what you want to buy, will be sold in our online store!



"Every penny you spend here is worth it because we care less than you."

Shipping and Delivery
Currently only delivering to Australia, your delivery transit time will vary depending your location and delivery service provider.

Please contact us at if delivery have not been received within fourteen (14) days of order confirmation.


Product Availability 

We aim to provide all products listed on our site updated in stock; in the case that an ordered item is not available or we are unable to deliver your order, we will notify you to arrange an agreeable alternative item, a back order or a full refund as so choosing by the customer. 


Ongoing Coffee Subscription

By signing up to an ongoing subscription you will be charged every month on the day of your first purchase until you choose to cancel. You may choose to cancel your subscription by logging into your PayPal account to cancel your recurring payment. Please note we require 7 working days notice to cancel your subscription and to be advised to us via email

Ongoing subscriptions may be suspended if payment cannot be completed.  It is the subscriber’s responsibility to update fund details should the funding source changes (e.g. change of credit card).


Coffee Subscription Gift

By purchasing a Coffee Subscription Gift, please provide the correct shipping address of the receiver.  Any changes we would require 7 working days notice via email


Returns and Refund Policy
If you are unsatisfied with any purchase you have made from the Site for any reason, please contact us on within fourteen (14) days of shipment. Please tell us your name, date of purchase, the order number, and details of return and kindly return the goods to us within 14 days to Shop 2A/ 89 Lytton Road, East Brisbane QLD 4169

General Conditions

All coffee are sold as whole beans only.

There may be traces of dairy, gluten and nuts as the roasting and packaging facilities are not free from these products.

Payment through the webshop is via PayPal/ Square.  For information on PayPal / Square privacy policy, terms and conditions please visit  and

Light Coffee reserve the right to cancel orders without subject to notice.

Events Tickets

Please kindly note events ticket are not refundable. 

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