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Oct 2023

A Random Recommendation Roundup: Books, Equipment Reviews...

In the middle of the Spring season, we thought it would be good to do an assorted recommendation that will add flavor to your everyday coffee experiences!

Books for the coffee nerd in you…

"Everything but Espresso" by Scott Rao

An oldie but a goodie, penned in 2010, presented in a classic hardcover and textbook-style format. As the title suggests, it delves into the world of filtered coffee, exploring concepts such as Total Dissolved Solids (TDS), grind distribution, and migration, making it a must-read for filter coffee!

The Professional Barista's Handbook" by Scott Rao

This book mostly focuses on Espresso making, covering ratio, and recipes for cafe-setting baristas. We recommend this book as a great base and comprehensive introduction to great espresso making.

Any Resources by SCAA (Specialty Coffee Association of America)

For those looking to up their coffee game, explore the bountiful resources offered by SCAA's website. It covers cupping protocols, sensory identification, water chemistry, and coffee green bean brewing. A treasure trove of knowledge for you to explore!

James Hoffman's YouTube Channel

The former World Coffee Barista Champion, co-owner of Square Mile Coffee, and proprietor of Prufrock Coffee in London provides precise and trustworthy reviews and tutorials. His passion for coffee is genuine, and there is something really loveable about him! James channel is a must-visit resource for when you want an upgrade in your home coffee setup! Or if you want to watch him drinking old coffee beans from the1930s :)

One of Our Favourite US Coffee Roaster:

George Howell Coffee - Boston, USA

Embrace the legacy of George Howell, a pioneer in the world of coffee who helped establish the Cup of Excellence awards globally. Don't be fooled by the syrups and franchise-looking cafe. If you ever find yourself in Boston, make a point to visit George Howell Coffee. Keep an eye out for their coffee, if you see someone selling George Howell filter coffee beans, make sure you get a bag and be in the know :)

Ps. George Howell was also the pioneer that started freezing green beans (before it has been roasted) in vacuum sealed vaults. Being his super fans, we followed suit as early as 2016 before opening our cafe and started building up our vintage frozen series!

Happy October days~


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